Inno Advisers

was created, basing on the assumption that the sooner is perceived the pulse of the times in which we live and the dynamics of the processes init, the more opportunities and horizons are revealed to the business, NGOs and academia in Bulgaria.In Europe,we are part of the global competition and it is no longer enough to do the things in a better way, but to invent and create new innovations that improve the way of citizens’ life, add value to key sectors such as health, information technology,economy and small and medium enterprises as well as offset the decrease of key resources and strengthen the link between research, innovation and market.

Inno Advisers

owned by Comac Medical aims to be more than just a standard consulting company, oriented to the development of projects which contribute to the environment in which we live, business and civil society. Projects emphasizing on Innovation, evolving and revealing the innovative potential of the business, non-governmental organizations, academics, young people and leading to sustainable results for the direct beneficiaries – (our customers) as well as contributing to the environment in which we live, to the education and development of young people, to the growth and competitiveness of our economy.

The three key “IN”, contained in the name of the company are:



by focusing on Innovation and further competitiveness of the knowledge based European economy. Searching the impact of the innovations on the Bulgarian citizens’ life and facilitating the development of the entrepreneurial environment in Bulgaria by preparing projects under the European Program for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020” and European Structural and Investment Funds.




by focusing on the opportunities for application and preparation of projects, so that companies and organizations from Bulgaria take part in the global competition.



by focusing on investments in Europe and the EU, in particular – the world’s second-largest investor in research and development and on the respective opportunities for the Bulgarian beneficiaries. To reveal the opportunities for preparation and participation in projects, information about the investment size, the conditions and with what vision of their focus on the European Union and our country as a part of it.


If you recognize yourself in Inno Advisers aims and approach, please do not hesitate to contact us. The team of Inno Advisers guarantee the speed and the time components of the formula for the distance that we travel through:

S (distance traveled) = V (velocity) x T (time)

through timely catch of the pulse of the time and the opportunities it gives you, efficient and effective identification of appropriate funding and development of your project idea.

Something more than consultancy…